"I am not good enough"? hmph

I thought of that expression as stupid, but hell even I said it. I know I can’t connect to everyone out there but if this phrase ever crosses your mind. Think otherwise, because turns out you that this is just an excuse for giving up. Yeah well or not trying hard enough. Did you know certain wordss do affect .. effect.. idk ? affect your brain ? well They do. example… if I tell my self that “I’ll try to study” compared to “I’ll do my best to study” I most likely will do a bit worst on the test if I told my self the first phrase. Well thats on the small scale soo its hard to apply but still enough.

So now what? you’re stuck saying that phrase time to time because nothing can really convince you depending on your situation. Well Obviously nothing can convince because its kind of a hole you dug yourself soo it only makes sense that while others CAN help you realize it its really up to you to avoid that type of thought in your head. There are billions of people in the world and billions more stars compared to that, actually there are more stars than every word ever said EVER, so in scale you already aren’t good enough for this universe or aren’t even slightly special, but you are alive, have a soul, and some what care for something. As long as you strive and keep your life expectancy up with out an immediate ejection, then (if it means anything) i see you as a person that is more than good enough. You have so much potential and it is rather difficult to find, but we always try to find it whether it be unconscious or conscious we always try to find that meaning in our life. well unless you give up yeah that usually doesn’t end well 

oh yeah remember one more thing HOW the fuck are you not good enough if you got into the situation the first place. You obviously had something before just get it back or adapt. Usually its just because you don’t want to try anymore whether it be a relationship or your parent’s expectations. Well you did enough getting into it if you want out don’t say it just say you want out and do your own thing that is a good reason why most of us of this planet are pretty much different. while others can help, support, influence, destroy, or screw you up. Everything iss usually on you and you alone so this ending is a bit awkward but yeah you goo tiger  uhm good luck yeah whatever 

@2 years ago
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